6th man on the moon dies in Florida

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, has died in South Florida. He was 85.

Our weekend looks quiet and mild before some BIG changes arrive early next week!

After weeks of planning, Friday morning Aviation Heritage Park was able to move their mobile maintenance shelter over the T33 airplane.

Despite initial hopes, WKU's soon-to-be Topper Pub and Grill would not be serving alcohol.

Hometown Hero - Blake Perkins

Louisville basketball imposes postseason ban

Valentine's Day dilemma becomes charitable opportunity

Conn. governor critical of town considering arming teachers

Can Cruz legally be president? Ivy League scholars debate

Unruly bus riders prompts Jefferson County to crack down

Hundreds of gallons of gas stolen from FAA radar tower

Jefferson County Public Schools stops requiring some tests

U.S. military generals want women to register for the draft

Man arrested in rape was foster parent, youth leader

Tops hoping to continue defensive strides

Bradley Madden charged with statutory rape; extradited to Tennessee

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