New England Trip (Part 3)

(10/23/09) - In Part 3 of my pictoral recap of our New England adventure I wanted to highlight the WBKO viewers who made this trip possible.

Without the following folks, our New England Adventure would have been a bust.  I must admit when the idea for this trip was first pitched to me I had doubts whether anyone would go considering the current economy.  But these wonderful viewers decided it to give it a go and we all had the trip of our lifetimes!

I know for Shelia and me it was the best trip we've ever taken.  Not only was it the sights and sounds of places we'd never been that mesmerized was the fellowship of these folks who made it something very special. 

Carole & Jack Hoeft of Bowling Green.  Jack is retired from GM and is into cars, good cigars and the Green Bay Packers.  Carole was a great conversationalist, charming and graceful and was constantly intrigued by Shelia's knitting.

Carolyn & Bob "The Reverend" Barnes of Bowling Green.  Brother Bob was so kind to lead prayer and a special Sunday service for us while on the trip.  Carolyn, a retired school teacher kept very good notes and helped me learn a little more history along the way.

Gary & Linda Taylor of Glasgow.  Like us, the Taylor's enjoyed finding the best places to eat, the best jokes to tell and catchin' some zzzz's on the bus.

Rebecca & Lawrence McGehee of Lewisburg.  They are a wonderful couple who have a fantastic sense of humor and are walking fanatics.  At every stop we'd look around only to find them doing laps around the restaurant...making the rest of us look bad!

Curtis & Brenda Duvall of Bowling Green.  This is a couple we've known for years and have breakfast with every Saturday morning at Cracker Barrel.  We joked along the way how many times we got to eat at Cracker Barrel on this trip but still missed our Saturday morning tradition (a little).

Linda & Jim Dinning of Bowling Green.  Jim pointed out all the golf courses along the way (hinting that we should stop and hit a few balls).  Linda did a great job in her quest to collect souvenir sweatshirts from every town we visited.

Earl & Joyce Kirby of Alvaton.  There is a troublemaker in every bunch...and Earl was it.  But I tell you, he kept us laughing the whole time!  It would be quiet on the bus - Earl would blurt out something funny and have us giggling for hours.  Thank you Earl...and God bless you Joyce!

Joan & Dave Elder of McDaniels.  Dave wore his UK blue proudly through New England and didn't miss a beat.  And check out that shirt with the lightning bolts...Joan made that shirt and all the other shirts Dave wears.  Very cool!

Linda & Larry England of Center.  Larry is about as plugged-in as I am...on the cell phone or on the PC.  They were both a wealth of information for those of us who'd never been to the northeast.

Charlotte Rather of Bowling Green.  I got the feeling Charlotte had taken trips like this before.  She knew what to do and didn't seem intimidated by the different surroundings.  Thanks Charlotte for helping us newbies fit in.

Lil Hedges of Bowling Green.  As a pal of Charlotte's, they did some big time shopping along the way.  Lil has a unique sense of humor that had us laughing - even besting Earl a few times!

Joanna Todd of Central City.  We first thought she was the "quiet" one of the bunch until she'd get to talking with her daughter Mary Beth who was also on the trip.  They were the typical mother-daughter duo both looking out for each other in a strange new part of the world.

Mary Beth Walker of Springfield, TN.  She is Joanna's daughter.  Her laugh is infectious and her impersonation of Paula Deen is dead on!

Ronald Scott of Austin.  The most generous person I've ever met.  He was a true gentleman to the rest of us on the trip - even dressing up in a suit and tie for our dinner at Niagara Falls!  How many towels did you go through, Ron?

Sharon & Larry Kirby of Scottsville.  Larry is half-brother to Earl...and let me tell you, the comedy-gene runs all through that family!  Larry and Sharon were always up and ready to go with a smile on their faces.

This is Ken Berg, our bus driver...and new friend.  We called him "The Magic Man" because he is just that behind the wheel of that Ready Motorcoach.  He's quite the jokester himself keeping us entertained and comfortable for those 12 days.  After our adventure, he was headed home to Wisconsin to go hunting.

Our tour director Phyllis Christie of Holiday Vacations.  Like everyone else on the trip, we adopted Phyllis as part of our extended family.  She's a former school teacher and was a wealth of history for us newcomers.  Her warmth and charm just couldn't be beat.  We are all hoping that not only do we get to travel again together but have Phyllis as our tour director again.  I knew I'd love her right away when I found out she is a cat lover.  God bless you Phyllis and Ken for not only doing your job but doing it well and making us all feel right at home no matter where we were!

Where are we going next?  Well, that's up to this bunch and could be up to you.  Yes, YOU!  There will be more Holiday Vacation adventures to other parts of America...and the world, too!  Where we go depends on where you want to go.  To see some of the other great destinations, go to the Holiday Vacations website then let me know what you like.

Oh...we're not done with the pictures.  There are many more to come, so stay tuned to see more of our New England adventure!

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