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Chris Reece is a native of Houston Texas, where the summer time tropical environment gave birth to his passion for weather, as Tropical Storm Allison made landfall in June of 2001.

“I knew at the very moment I saw a meteorologist covering the storm, that I wanted to do the same with my life,” says Reece. “I’ve never given that up! Since that day, I began telling the weather for my school news, and I’ve done so every year all the way through high school and the first 3 years of college at WKU! It’s always amazing to look back 15 years ago and see where the love for weather has taken me.”

Chris’s meteorological interest didn’t stop with the tropics. After a move to Lexington, Kentucky in 2009, a historic ice storm crippled the state, sparking his additional love for wintry weather.

“Initially I was freaked out,” says Reece, “but in the midst of such destruction from the ice, I found the force of nature to be majestic, and fell in love with the beauty of the ice and snow.”

Chris is no stranger to WBKO. He was a WBKO intern during the Fall of 2015. He’s also had internship experience at our sister station, WKYT in Lexington, and at KPRC in Houston.

Outside of the weather, Chris can be found spending most of his time cooking new recipes, writing songs at the piano, or involved with high school ministry at his church.

“I love students,” says Reece, “and particularly high school students. It’s an age where I had leaders who invested in me, and I’ve grown up wanting to turn around and do the same for others. The best part is, I learn a lot from them in time and fun spent together. Most of all, it’s rewarding to watch their spiritual growth as high school boys become high school men.”

The other place you may find him is the classroom. Though beginning his career with WBKO, he is a senior finishing up his B.S. in Meteorology at Western Kentucky University. Even that doesn’t stop his excitement to serve the Bowling Green area community.

“I love the weather,” says Reece, “but what I love more is serving and loving others. My life motto is that even when faith, hope, and love, are the three that remain, love is the greatest, so show it. With that being said, while I love weather, I also love this community. Providing the forecast is simply one of the many ways I’ll get to show it.”

You can catch Chris on weekends on WBKO at 10.

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