Local gym offers new options for busy Moms with “virtual” studio, personal coaches, and apps

Moms lead increasingly busy lives, balancing so many tasks to accomplish. Sometimes the last thing on the list is making it to the gym.

Anytime Fitness on Iron Skillet Court knows that taking care of yourself is the most important task (you can’t take care of anyone else if you let you own health go). That’s why it was important for this local family-owned gym to provide options for local Moms and their busy schedules.

“I know, for me, I can’t even get it in the week,” admits MomsEveryday host Fida Georges during a discussion with Lily Riherd, who manages our local Anytime Fitness location and helps organize the annual BG26.2 marathon.

“Because we’re 24/7, Moms can come in whenever she wants to,” she explains, “If she has issues with childcare and has to wait for Dad to come home, or maybe when grandma gets off work and can stop by.”

The convenience doesn’t stop with hours. Lots of moms enjoy classes like spin, yoga, etc… but those classes are often difficult to regularly attend which make the added costs hard to justify. Anytime Fitness offers something different in a 24/7 “Virtual” Studio with various classes, difficulty levels, and more… all at your fingertips!

“They can choose what they want to do when they want to do it,” Riherd explains, “so we’re not rushing home trying to get to a 5 o’clock spin class, or wait for someone to take care of the kids. It’s on demand, whenever you want to do it!”

“You’re not tied down to a specific time or day?” Georges responds, “That’s great for Moms!”

Riherd is also a one on one coach, but again Moms cannot always make it to the gym during staffed hours. Anytime Fitness fixes this with a mobile app that connects you with a personal coach who is available to assign workouts, answer questions, and offer personal guidance and encouragement.

“You’ll have 30 days of workouts that we’ll send to you in addition to a a fitness assessment,” Riherd continues, “and I am on the floor a lot, so if you have questions, I can help you with that too.”

“Apps and technology? That’s part of being a Mom today!” Georges concludes.

Call Anytime Fitness at (270) 505-4911 to get started, or visit www.anytimefitnessbgky.com to learn more about the gym. You can sign up for $1 or try it free for a week.