EXCLUSIVE: Grayson County couple describes finding body inside tool box

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FALLS OF ROUGH, Ky. (WBKO) - Highway 736 has always been a back road on the way home for Kim Colston.

"I looked over and I thought it was a kayak."

She thought new piglets being born on her property would be the big story of the day in her family, that is until she spotted something.

"It was a blue tarp. I pulled the tarp off of it and it was a tool box."

Short Creek is a place Kim knew well, but this was something she'd never seen so she called a friend with diving experience.

"He opened up the toolbox and said, call 911 and the coroner, it is a body."

Just after the police arrived at the place she's known for more than 40 years, emotions started to set in.

Colston said the tool box seemed to be stuck in a shallow part of the creek. As she got near she noticed powder in or around the tarp.

"My hairs are standing up. I can't even explain it," said Kim Colston less than one day later.

Details started to become more clear for Doug McKenna too, who was in the water along with Kim during the discovery.

"I saw like three rubber medical gloves. I told her we need to get back. She said let me see, so we turned it over and you could really smell it," recalled McKenna.

People living near where the body was found say the popular fishing spot was completely closed off by police Tuesday night. Grass from the river bed to the road was matted Wednesday from all the police activity.

KSP hasn't released a single detail of a description or if the site is officially a crime scene; but from what Doug and Kim saw, they expect that to be released soon.

"It looked like duct tape rapped all the way around his face. It looked like he was tied up," said McKenna.

Kim said sleep was almost non-existent Tuesday night, the fear of what she and Doug might find coming true.

"I told her before we went, 'I don't want to find a dead body,'" remembered McKenna.

"Especially so close to home," added Colston.

Now both of them, like everyone else living in Grayson County, are being forced to wait.

Reports are saying the body is male, but it's something we haven't been able to independently confirm.

KSP said an autopsy was performed Wednesday morning, but those details remain unavailable to the public right now as well.

There's no indication at this point, that this case is related to the death of Kristen Edwards who was found in the Green River more than a week ago.

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