Local cable customers switching to antennas, bringing television full-circle

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- As Time Warner Cable becomes Spectrum, some customers are dropping the cable company altogether for a slightly antiquated method.

Gary Jones, owner of Harold's TV in Bowling Green, says he's had an increase in sales of TV antennas in lieu of new Spectrum equipment that some customers need in order to continue to receive cable programming.

He says antennas can reach anywhere from 20-50 local channels depending on the model being used.

Jones also says some of his customers are tired of their cable service.

"Two words that come out of every mouth is 'fed up,'" says Jones, "and they're going for the best way that suits their pocketbook, their budget and they're taking a look at all options.

"My father started this business 63 years ago," he goes on. "Of course everything was on antenna then, and this business has gone full-circle."

Jones says that people using antennas should re-tune their television every month to check if it picks up any new channels.

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