Escaped inmates arrested after Tennessee homeowners make vital call to police

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CHRISTIANA, Tenn. (CNN) -- Two Georgia inmates were last reported making their way north after authorities said they murdered two corrections officers.

Donnie Russell Rowe and Ricky Dubose reportedly broke free from a prison transport bus on Tuesday morning and overpowered the guarding officers onboard, taking their weapons and killing them.

Police say the two then burglarized a Georgia home and stole a car.

At last report, the pair was last seen at a convenience store more than 20 miles away from the scene of their bloody escape. This gave the hint that they were on their way north towards the Tennessee and North Carolina borders.

Reports claimed that Rowe was originally from Lewisburg, Tennessee. That was only about 30 minutes away from where they were found and where their escape started coming to an end.

Police say they got a call from homeowners in Shelbyville, Tennessee who said that two men had just broken into their home and held them hostage.

Those men were the two runaways, who left the home sometime after 5 p.m. in the elderly couple's vehicle.

Spokesman for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Josh DeVine said that the homeowners were somehow able to break free and notify authorities. DeVine called their actions "critical" to the arrest of Rowe and Dubose.

Police responded to their call, eventually leading to a high-speed chase. The inmates eventually crashed in Christiana, Tennessee and ran into the woods.

Reports say shots were fired but no one was injured. Rowe and Dubose surrendered a short time later.

All of this unfolding less than two hours away from Bowling Green.

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