Fish and Wildlife Conservation Officers hold training class

GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- When you first think of the word spring, 'training' might be the second word you think of.

Some Fish and Wildlife Conservation Officers spent the first day of the season doing just that, during a refresher class in Glasgow.

The Conservation Officers went through a tactical and classroom training, keeping their mind sharp on things they already know and even learning a few new moves.

A Fish and Wildlife Training Lieutenant says the defense tactics that Conservation Officers went over today, are something that could be forgotten.

"They work on the water, they work in a lot of remote areas. And they deal with people in sometimes stressful situations, where they've got to make quick decisions. Without these updates, sometimes there might be some lag time, in those decisions," Training Lieutenant David Marques said.

Conversation Officers' duty is to maintaining all the hunting, fishing and boating laws for the state.

"If they come across a D.U.I. or someone who is driving reckless, or someone who is publicly intoxicated, they can handle those as well," Lt. Marques added.

The officers go through different types of training courses each year.

"All of our recruits go through the Criminal Justice 23 week academy and then we have our own 12 week in house academy. So we teach, where they go through about a week and a half of defensive tactics there and we also do 4 days of water survival training," Lt. Marques said.

Making sure each officer keeps the skills they learned in the academy and learn some new ones.

"We do a tactical training for all of our officers every year state wide. And sometimes that incorporates fire arms training," Marques said.

All to keep themselves and the public safe.

"Them coming home at night is kind of our number one goal," Marques said.

All the officers training Monday serve the South Central Kentucky area.

There is another training session, scheduled for Tuesday.

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