Franklin man guilty of making and possessing illegal firearms

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A Simpson County man pleaded guilty Monday to charges of making and possessing illegal firearms, commonly known as Molotov cocktails, in United States District Court.

According to court documents, Trey Gwathney-Law, 20, admitted to making and possessing five illegal firearms. All were made using glass bottles, four of the bottles contained a dark gas/oil mixture liquid with a cloth wick stuffed in the bottle opening.

A fifth, illegal firearm was made using a glass bottle and contained a dark gas/oil mixture liquid with a piece of green pyrotechnic fuse.

Gwathney-Law also admitted to possessing the illegal firearms.

At sentencing, the United States will move to dismiss counts three and counts four of the superseding indictment which charges him with attempting to damage and destroy Franklin-Simpson Middle School and knowingly possessing a firearm. The United States will also agree to a sentence of 20 years, followed by a three year period of supervised release.

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