House passes Right to Work bill

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WBKO)-- The controversial Right to Work Bill passed the State House, largely among party lines.

A few Republicans did cross over and vote against it.
But the vote passed 58 to 39.

Right to Work does not force workers to join a union.
Those against it say it lowers wages and hurts working families.

Democratic Forest Hills Representative Chris Mills said,
"Your vote today, ladies and gentlemen, is personal to the families whose parents and grandparents fought, and some even died for the right to organize. It's personal."

While Republican Louisville Representative Jason Nemes said,
"When unions say it's unfair because they then have to represent them, it misunderstands the context, which is clear that it was the union's choice to have to represent that person."

Republicans hope to get the bill signed into law this week.

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