Competitors face off at Iron Warrior competition

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BOWLING GREEN Ky. (WBKO) --- Men and women put their bodies to the test Saturday at the Bowling Green Ballpark for the Iron Warrior SoKy Strongest Man competition.

Competitors pushed their limits, lifting and pulling, for a chance to win the ultimate title of Strongman and Strongwoman.

"Everybody out here is such a great athlete, and everybody works so hard, so being able to come out here and win one of these things is just a validation of all of the hours you've spent and all of the pain you go through and the days you think 'wow why do I do this to myself?'," says Heavy Weight Open Class competitor Anthony Pernice.

Each Strongman competition is different. This year's events included a max log press, yoke race, 18" axle dead-lift, a truck pull and stones.

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