Kentucky Fish and Wildlife is working a possible drowning on Green River Lake

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Lt. Jeremy McQueary with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife tells 13 News that the scene is being treated as a search and rescue as of 5:40pm, and rescue workers are still searching for a missing swimmer.

KY Fish and Wildlife and Taylor County Search and Rescue are on scene.

"What we do know is a group of friends were swimming in a cove adjacent to this park [Green River Lake State Park] on the lake. They were trying to swim across the cove. The person who is believed to have drowned is an 18 year old male as he was trying to swim across," says Lt. McQueary.

He says the cove is near a rock point off of a walking trail where people go to view the lake.

As of now, officials aren't saying what could have caused the man to go under the water, or releasing any names.

The search is still ongoing with divers and rescue workers in the water looking for the man.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife says they're working a possible drowning on Green River Lake in Taylor County.

Lt. Jeremy McQueary says witnesses saw who they believed to be an 18 year old male swimming when he went under the water, and never resurfaced.

A dive team has been called to the scene.

We have a reporter on the story, and will update this story as any new details become available.

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