Nearby Tennessee counties recovering after thousands lose power

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COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (CNN) -- The storms that swept through Southcentral Kentucky area late Saturday evening caused wide-spread damage, but the effects of that storm especially lingered just south of the border in Tennessee.

Brandon Smith with the City of Cookeville says that more than 14,000 people had been without power until Monday afternoon.

By that time, 100 people were still left without power, but Smith says they hope to get that resolved by Tuesday afternoon.

Smith says its all been made possible by the men and women working around the clock for the residents in their area.

"Our local community has really pulled together through all of this, especially our electric crews," says Smith, "They've been working non-stop without food or sleep just to get service restored for folks and we can't thank them enough."

Nearly two dozen poles and transformers needed repairs or complete replacement after the thunderstorm.

A little more to the south and you'd see a lot more of a struggle.

About 100,000 customers in Memphis, Tennesse were without power since Saturday, and with the temperatures beginning to rise, people are getting anxious.

Memphis Light, Gas, and Water says that it could take at least a week for full restoration.

Weather reports confirmed 90 mph winds bombarded the Southwestern Tennessee city, snapping some power poles completely in half and downing trees; blocking many roadways.

Crews from East Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Ohio have been called in to Memphis to work alongside local crews to get things patched up.

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