Real ID Act could be a problem for Kentuckians in near future

Credit: MGN
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WBKO) -- In about a year, your Kentucky ID may not be good enough to get you through airport security.

This is because Kentucky's driver's licenses don't comply with the Real ID Act that was passed by the Federal Government nearly a decade ago.

It hasn't been, and still isn't a problem for most people now, but if the state doesn't update it's procedures, officials say Kentuckians could face restrictions that other American citizens won't.

"The problem we have is, we have 120 counties in Kentucky," says Louisville Regional Airport Authority, Skip Miller, "Each one of those counties issues a driver's license, not the state. And the federal government doesn't like that process."

Earlier this year, Gov. Matt Bevin vetoed a bill that would've made Kentucky IDs comply with the Real ID Act.

It's possible that the Federal Government could extend the deadline for Kentucky to make changes, but so far, they say they're not planning on it.

If things stay the same, Kentuckians may need a passport to travel by plane, gain access to federal buildings, or enter military bases.

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