Remembering Srebrenica

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) --- A walk to remember the 1995 Srebrenica genocide was held today in Circus Square Park.

Husic says it would take a lifetime to explain all of the terrible things that happened in Bosnia.
"It was awful, it was like being hunted," says Senahid Husic.

His daughter was young when she lived there during the war.

"Things I do remember are not pleasant," says Adina Husic.
"We didn't go through the woods because we were children and my mother was a female".

Today people gathered for a peace walk, to remember the lives lost in the genocide, as well as to reflect on their own struggles.

"My father actually marched through the woods during the war and lost a couple of brothers and a nephew, and then my mother lost a brother as well, and her father was murdered," says Adina.

People walked a distance of 8.372 steps.

"During the war, that's how many lives were lost on July 11 1995. For each step, you are supposed to remember a life that was lost in the genocide," says Semir Selimovic.

"When they tell me the stories of what they had to go through, and all the lives of friends and family they lost, and coming out here kinda helps me be a part of that".

Selimovic recalls a haunting story of when a Bosnian woman was holding her baby, who was crying because it was hungry, and a Bosnian Serb soldier approached her.

"One of the Serbian soldiers came and asked for the baby to stop crying," he says. "The soldiers took they baby and killed it, and handed it back to the mother and said 'there you go, it won't cry anymore'".

To pay their respects, they march

"People during the war actually had to make this march, through forests with grenades, bombs, things were being thrown at them. So that's something that goes through our minds I think".

Many people there today brought backpacks, to signify the bags that friends and relatives took with them to the concentration camps.

Backbacks are being donated to Warren County schools.

July 11 marked the anniversary of when Bosnian-Serb soldiers swept through the United Nations "safe zone" of Srebrenica, killing over 8,000 people

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