Selfie tower: Trump's home becomes NYC's hottest backdrop

SOURCE: Cutout Photo Marc Nozell - CC BY 2.02
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NEW YORK (AP) -- New York's Trump Tower has quickly become one of the city's hottest backdrops for selfies.

Since Donald Trump won the presidential election, throngs of gawkers have packed the sidewalk, many with selfie sticks in hand.

Some have come to capture a bit of history, some to offer the new president their one-fingered salute. Some have even posed with the officers guarding the tower.

Connie Hunt, a real estate agent from Kentucky, says she's been a fan of Trump's since he was on "The Apprentice." She came to see part of the empire he's built rather than just watch it on TV.

Twenty-year-old Leigh Stolarz of Florida says she was outraged by Trump's victory. But she came to the tower anyway, to take a protest selfie and see how people were reacting.

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