State condemns Lake Malone marina

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DUNMORE, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Kentucky Department of Parks announced Friday that, due to safety concerns, the state-owned marina at Lake Malone State Park has been closed. Deteriorating structures at the state’s marina include rotting boards underneath the main walk boards, disintegrated floating devices and dock board surfaces.

“Unfortunately it is no longer safe for our guests to utilize this marina at Lake Malone,” Commissioner Holland said, “The safety of our guests is always our primary concern.”

“I commend Commissioner Holland and the Kentucky State Parks system for continually looking out for the safety of our guests and our citizens,” said Don Parkinson, Secretary of the Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet which oversees all of the Commonwealth’s 49 state parks.

All other recreational amenities will remain open at Lake Malone State Park. The Parks Department will explore any available options to restore some or all elements of the services provided by this marina.
Created in 1961, Lake Malone a 788-acre reservoir lake. It is named for Mr. and Mrs. Wallace C. Malone who donated land for the lake.

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