String of Butler Co. burglaries leaves one in custody, one at large

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MORGANTOWN, Ky. (WBKO) -- An early morning burglary at the Morgantown Aberdeen Grocery leaves store manager Tim Flener shocked over what happened.

"It's not anything that happens periodically around here. The alarm system here periodically goes off, but this time, it was the front door, so I knew something was out of the ordinary."

"Two guys in their mid 20s, early 20s, decided they wanted to break in to the store," Fleener added.

As the two suspects drove up to the Aberdeen Grocery, they spotted the outdoor security cameras, and then drove off, only to come back a few minutes later to commit the burglary.

"They took a stock of a rifle and busted the front door glass out, then came in, and went to the cash register first, and then the alarm went off. You can tell it startled the guy and grabbed some cigarettes and ran right back out the door," Store manager Tim Flener stated.

Once Aberdeen Grocery's shattered door was replaced, Tim Flener says the damages cost more than what the burglar stole.

"Roughly close to 500 dollars."

Aberdeen Grocery store regular Tom Sears says the only reason he can think of for why the two committed the crime was out of desperation.

"They're just messed up, broke, need money, desperate. A little bit of everything."

"Heard they had a gun, and that made it even worse. Glad nobody was here, really," Sears added.

Regarding the latest status on this investigation, Tim Flener says one is still on the loose.

"We've got real good video footage of the driver, but he's far as I know still at large."

But Tim says he isn't worried, and knows law enforcement will handle the situation.

"I just believe it's a matter of time before he's caught too."

A small town burglary leaving police on the hunt.

The burglars also hit Bratcher's Riverside Market and Lucky Find Junction in Aberdeen.

If anyone knows where the other suspect might be, Tim Flener asks you to call either the Butler County Sheriff's Department, Morgantown Police or the Grayson County Sheriff's Department.

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