This week in Kentucky politics

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WBKO) -- Lawmakers passed a bill this week requiring women to get an ultrasound before they get an abortion.

The measure passed overwhelmingly.

Those who oppose it say government doesn't have the right to interfere with a woman's body.

Others say it's important to give all of the information.

"We're no longer able to help women who have been victimized by the vile crime of sexual assault and the unthinkable situation of being the victim of incest. We are saying we don't care about you," said Rep. Joni Jenkins, D-Shively.

"I rise today in support of house bill 2, so that women of all ages across this Commonwealth have access to information if they so choose in order to have full informed consent to make such critical decisions with potential lifelong consequences and I urge its passage," said Rep. Melinda Gibbons-Prunty, R-Belton.

The state senate also had an abortion related bill passed.

It makes abortions after 20 weeks illegal.

The controversial house bill one known as "right to work" also passed the Kentucky legislature largely along party lines.

A few republicans did cross over and vote against it in the house.

Rght to work does not force workers to join a union, but those against it say it lowers wages and hurts working families.

"Your vote today, ladies and gentlemen, is personal to the families whose parents and grandparents fought, and some even died for the right to organize. It's personal," Rep. Chris Harris, D-Forest Hills.

"When unions say it's unfair because they then have to represent them, it misunderstands the context, which is clear that it was the union's choice to have to represent that person," said Rep. Jason Nemes, R-Louisville.

The governor signed all of these bills into law this week.

Speaker of the House Jeff Hoover said they wanted to get to work quickly.

Lawmakers are off for awhile, then meet back again in February.

That's a look at this week in Kentucky politics.

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