Two bodies found inside burning car on Butler County road

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - A call that first came to authorities as a fire has now turned into so much more.

Two lives are lost, and police are treating it as if someone else is responsible.

"Once they were there to extinguish that they determined their were two bodies inside the vehicle," said Kentucky State Police Post 3 Trooper BJ Eaton.

Kentucky State Police were called around 5:10 PM Wednesday to begin a gruesome investigation.

"I've never seen that many state police, sheriff's deputies, ambulances, fire trucks blowing through here as fast as they were."

Shelly Lindsey has lived near Region Reedyville Road her whole life and knows it well.

"It's just a little back country road."

Thursday night her concern follows a scene police are referring to as only a death investigation. Each body has been sent off for an autopsy and those results could change that.

"It's a serious occasion. We're processing the scene as if we need to be looking for someone else who is responsible for it," said Eaton.

In the secluded area of Region Reedyville Road you could see a charred piece of ground just off the road. A charred square cutout was filled with debris from the car and the effort to extinguish the fire. In a space filled with large trees and corn fields, the scene of the investigation was relatively small. Police only gleaned a tiny amount of information from it as well as of Thursday evening. Their main priority continues to be identifying the bodies.

"Our main goal is to first and foremost identify the bodies," added Eaton.

A road with almost no houses, now a crime scene filled with far too many questions.

As police try to find out who was in the car; how they were killed; and how it caught on fire; people living nearby are only growing more anxious.

"It could've been somebody I knew. Even if it was someone I didn't know, what about their families?" said an emotional Lindsey.

Police are hoping the autopsy results that are expected to come in Friday will help identify the bodies. But due to the condition they were found in, it could take DNA testing for a positive ID.

If those autopsy results show any type of foul play it could be Butler County's second double homicide investigation in four months.

Kenneth and Dorothy Neafus were killed in their home on Richland Church Road August 9. Police believe they were killed the day before.

Kevin Dye was arrested nearly a month later and is currently in the Butler County Jail charged with their murders.

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