Western Kentucky football final statistical report

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The 2016 college football season officially ended Monday.

Here’s a look at where Western Kentucky finished the year from a statistical – both team and individual – perspective:

The team

• The Hilltoppers received 32 votes in the final Associated Press Top 25.

• Western will begin 2017 with the nation’s longest active home winning streak against conference opponents at 13 straight. It last lost a CUSA home game Oct. 4, 2014 to UAB.

• Western’s eight-game winning streak is the third-longest active streak behind Southern California (9) and Oklahoma (10).

• Western Kentucky played 14 opponents who went a combined 90-90. It posted 11 wins over teams a combined 61-77 and lost to three teams with a combined record of 29-13.

On offense

• Western Kentucky led the nation at 45.5 points per game.

• It ranked third with a team passing efficiency rating of 174.87.

• It ranked fifth with 336.8 yards passing per game.

• It also ranked fifth with 523.1 yards of total offense per game.

• It also ranked fifth with a possession success rate of .612.

• It ranked sixth with 344 first downs.

• It also ranked sixth with 15.46 yards per pass completion.

• It also ranked sixth by allowing just 4.29 tackles for loss per game.

• It also ranked sixth with 1.5 net points per drive.

• It ranked 12th with a team completion percentage of 64.8 percent.

• It ranked 18th by converting 46.7 percent of their third downs.

• It ranked 21st with eight total interceptions thrown.

• It ranked 31st with 1.57 sacks allowed per game.

• It ranked 46th in the red zone with a conversion percentage of 86.3.

• It ranked 52nd with 186.4 rushing yards per game.

• It ranked 56th with 19 giveaways.

• It ranked 85th with a time of possession average of 28 minutes and 50 seconds.

• It ranked 101st with 11 fumbles lost.

• It ranked 105th by converting 41.2 percent of the time on fourth down.

On defense

• Western Kentucky ranked second by allowing 97.2 rushing yards per game.

• It ranked 25th by allowing teams to convert on fourth down 26 percent of the time.

• It ranked 35th with 14 interceptions.

• It also ranked 35th with 2.43 sacks per game.

• It ranked 41st by allowing 24.6 points per game.

• It also ranked 41st by allowing 376.6 yards of total offense per game.

• It ranked 47th with 6.2 tackles for loss per game.

• It ranked 50th by allowing teams to convert on third down 38 percent of the time.

• It ranked 53rd with 21 takeaways.

• It ranked 55th by allowing a team passing efficiency rating of 127.42.

• It ranked 69th by allowing opponents to convert 85.1 percent of the time in the red zone.

• It ranked 85th with seven fumbles recovered.

• It ranked 91st with 281 first downs allowed.

• It ranked 119th with 279.4 passing yards allowed per game.

• The Hilltoppers went without a defensive score in 2016.

On special teams

• Western Kentucky did not allow a punt to be blocked in 2016.

• It ranked second with 17.93 yards per punt return.

• It ranked third with 26.67 yards per kickoff return.

• It ranked eighth with two blocked punts.

• It ranked 13th with four blocked kicks.

• It ranked 26th by allowing 18.68 yards per kickoff return.

• It ranked 29th with one blocked kick allowed.

• It ranked 35th by allowing 5.44 yards per punt return.

• It ranked 37th with a net punting average of 38.8 yards.

The Hilltoppers

On offense

• Anthony Wales led the nation with 27 rushing touchdowns, 29 total touchdowns, in scoring at 13.4 points per game and with 174 total points scored.

• Wales ranked eighth with 1,621 rushing yards.

• Wales ranked 10th with 124.7 rushing yards per game.

• Wales ranked 12th with 6.84 yards per carry.

• Wales ranked 13th with 149.54 all-purpose yards per game.

• Wales ranked 33rd with 174 points responsible for.

• Wales ranked 40th with 13.4 points responsible for per game.

• Mike White ranked second with 10.49 yards per pass attempt.

• White ranked third with a passing efficiency rating of 181.4 and 15.58 passing yards per completion.

• White ranked fourth with 4,363 passing yards.

• White ranked eighth with a completion percentage of 67.3, 37 passing touchdowns and 311.6 passing yards per game.

• White ranked 15th with 222 points responsible for.

• White ranked 17th with 306.4 yards of total offense per game.

• White ranked 25th with 15.9 points responsible for per game.

• White ranked 31st with 20 completions per game.

• Taywan Taylor ranked third with 17 receiving touchdowns and 1,730 receiving yards.

• Taylor ranked 39th with 126.14 all-purpose yards per game.

• Taylor ranked fifth with 123.6 receiving yards per game.

• Taylor ranked 14th with seven receptions per game.

• Taylor ranked 20th with 17 total touchdowns.

• Taylor ranked 35th with 17.65 yards per reception.

• Nicholas Norris ranked ninth with 14 receiving touchdowns.

• Norris ranked 12th with 1,318 receiving yards.

• Norris ranked 22nd with 94.1 receiving yards per game.

• Norris ranked 34th with 15 total touchdowns.

• Norris ranked 37th with 17.34 yards per reception.

• Norris ranked 48th with 5.4 receptions per game.

On defense

• Keith Brown ranked 22nd with 9.4 tackler per game.

• Nick Dawson-Brents ranked 30th with two fumble recoveries.

• Dawson-Brents ranked 57th with .58 sacks per game.

On special teams

• Kylen Towner set an NCAA record and led the nation with 40.3 yards per kickoff return.

• Towner also ranked third with 1,110 combined kick return yards.

• Towner ranked eighth with with one kickoff return for a touchdown.

• Nacarius Fant ranked second with two punt return touchdowns.

• Skyler Simcox ranked 23rd with 118 points scored.

• Simcox ranked 56th with 1.14 field goals per game.

• Simcox ranked 64th with a field goal percentage of 72.7.

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