GA Mega Millions Winner Steps Forward

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. (WBKO) -- One of the two winners from Tuesday night's Mega Millions drawing has stepped forward.

The Georgia winner has declined TV interviews, but the President and CEO of the Georgia Lottery Corporation told everyone a little about the lucky ticket holder.

"Her name is Ira Curry," explains Debbie Alford of the Georgia Lottery Corporation, "She lives in Stone Mountain. She has elected to take the cash option, and we'll be sharing what that means for her and her family. It's over 173-million for that cash option, which we will withhold 25% for federal income tax an 6% for Georgia income tax. That will leave that family with about $120 million dollars cash."

They also said Ira is a mother and grandmother who found out she won while listening to a radio DJ announce the numbers.

She says she bought a ticket last minute and picked her numbers based off her family's birthdays.

The winner in California has not come forward yet.