Bucky Covington Comes to Bowling Green

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Country music isn't just being made in Nashville anymore.

Singer Bucky Covington came to Bowling Green on Sept. 25 to film a music video for his newest song, "It's Good to Be Us."

The video is being taped at Balance MX Motocross in Oakland.

WBKO was there and got a chance to talk with Bucky himself.

Bucky Covington's new song, "It's Good to Be Us," has been out for about two weeks and it just made it into the Top 40.

"Me and my twin brother use to race motocross when we were little. The song doesn't have anything to do with motocross. It's high energy, the song is high energy and motocross is high energy," country music singer Bucky Covington said.

But Bucky isn't allowed to ride during the music video--he has a stunt double.

"They won't let me do anything, they won't even let me crank a motorcycle up. I can't blame them a bit because every time I crank a bike up something happens," Covington added.

The rider's include Cowboy Kenny, a professional freestyle jumper, and local riders.

"I'm very very proud of my son," admitted Eric Smith, the father of a rider in the video.

Zeb, Eric Smith's 15-year-old son, has only been riding motocross for about a year.

"He races for Longshot Racing team and they were invited," Eric said.

He said they love Bucky's music and never imagined Zeb would get this opportunity.

"It's just another dream come true," Zeb added.

"He's so excited and nervous at the same time, he doesn't want to mess up," Eric said.

And so is Bucky. He never thought he'd be here either.

"You know me going up to my parents when I was younger, saying, 'Mom and Dad, I want to be a country music singer.' I may as well said I want to be a fire truck. The odds are the same," Bucky said.

Bucky says the music video should be finished in about a month.

Bucky got his start in country music on American Idol a couple of years ago.

He did talk a little bit about American Idol on camera with us. For more on the interview, check out the full interview with Bucky Covington.

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