Families Prepare For Soldiers' Return

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This weekend, soldiers from the 2nd Battalion will be back in Kentucky after a spending a year fighting in Iraq.

Now those they left behind are preparing for their return.

Donna White is anxiously awaiting the return of her son, Chris, from his tour-of-duty in Iraq.

"It's been very difficult. But we've talked on e-mail everyday," White said.

She's been spending a better part of the day taping and posting pictures on the walls of the National Guard Armory, welcoming her son and the other troops home.

"These guys have been over there and they have put their lives on the line for us here. This is just a simple way for us to show them our support and thank them for doing their jobs," she added.

American flags are being placed along Morgantown Rd. and will stretch all the way down Highway 231.

Candi Davis, the wife of a soldier, said the impact of seeing the large amount of flags can definitely be felt.

"I walked outside a while ago and I saw all the flags that had been put up outside, and even though my husband's home already, I got teary-eyed for the people," she recalled.

Yellow ribbons are also being placed on all the road's signs.

Inside the Armory, is an especially heartwarming tribute in the form of posters, letters and drawings from children at the local elementary schools.

"It just warms your heart to see these little kids putting their pictures and their names and support at such an early age," White said.

She added that she's grateful that her son is coming home alive since other parents she's talked to haven't been so lucky.

"I'm one of the fortunate ones. The gentleman I rode next to, he brought his daughter home, but she wasn't alive," the military mother explained.

So Davis and the other soldiers' families will continue to decorate in hopes that in a matter of days, their soldiers will see just how much they've been missed.

Family members of the returning soldiers ask that you display your flags and yellow ribbons outside until the end of the month as a show of support for our troops still in Iraq.

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