Alive Center Expands Services Across Central Ky.

New efforts are being made to bring the community and WKU together to meet our area's needs.

The Alive Center is expanding its services to 27-counties across central Kentucky.

Community leaders and members, together with officials from Western Kentucky University, celebrated the expansion on Sept. 26 with a ribbon-cutting.

The Alive Center is leading the Regional Stewardship Program.

It brings the community and campus together to figure out local needs and form partnerships to address them.

"It's a great opportunity to bring together the leaders, the minds of the people from the business sector and the non-profit sector," said Leah Ashwill, with the Alive Center.

The Regional Stewardship Program is funded by the state and has been in the works for three years.

The Alive Center has also expanded to include a research center, where people can use university resources to study and solve problems in the community.

"It's exciting to see as we begin to see what happens on campus from research and teaching, how we can bring our resources into the community through the partnerships with community members," said Steven Pavey

Five forums were held earlier this year to get the community's input and to form an advisory council.

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