Parents Deal with More Recent Recalls

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This is the second recall from the Thomas and Friends product line.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the items are being recalled because they contain dangerous levels of lead.

But one local parent isn’t letting the recalls affect her family.

"I think about when I was little and the kinds of things that I was exposed to and I seemed to have turned out okay and most of my friends seemed to have turned out okay," parent Elizabeth Rhoads said,

She knows about the recent toy recall, but it's not changing the way she shops.

"No, specifically I just look for the toys that my children love and I just hope that they're safe," Rhoads explained.

She's confident the toys she buys for her kids are.

"I just rely on our government regulations to kind of stop it or notice it before it gets to us as a consumer," Rhoads admitted.

Even so, store manager Jim Sauerheber says he finds out immediately on a portable device, so the recalled items don't reach the store shelves.

And because of a system called “Hard Lockout,” even if you were to find a recalled toy in the store, the item won't make it past the check out line.

"Let's say we miss pulling it or something. It will not allow us to sell that item," he explained.

Jim said they post safety recalls on aisle shelves and customers can always return their recalled items; or like Elizabeth, they can just hang on to them.

"I don't think it will bother them one bit. I'm holding on to my Thomas toys, and I'm not trading them in for the recall. I'm not trading any of our toys in," Rhoads assured.

And her only "real" concern about the recalled toys is for another member of the family.

"I think about my dog that chews everything," she said.

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