Democratic Lawmakers Attack Proposed State Employee Insurance Increase

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Democratic legislators team up to criticize the governor's new health insurance plan.

Also at issue is whether the democrat's unsuccessful proposed budget would have made coverage less costly. Regardless, it's clear this could become a political platform in November's election.

House Speaker, Jody Richards, says, "We're here today to say that House Democrats are making sure we are doing everything we can to make sure that our teachers and state employees receive the compensation they deserve for their hard work."

A battle is underway, in Frankfort, and this time it's not about the state budget directly.

Speaker Richards says, "This plan increases costs and sharply curtails choices."

Rep. Harry Moberly, (D) Richmond, says, "Ladies and gentlemen this is a crucial and great crisis for the Commonwealth of Kentucky."

Democrats say if the governor has passed a budget, specifically their unsuccessfully proposed budget, this would be less costly.

Moberly says, "The budget is being held hostage to a flawed tax plan that is not right for passage at this time."

The state's budget director says that's not the issue.

Brad Cowgill, State Budget Director, "This is one of the worst cases, I guess, of demagoguery of a very genuine and real problem that I've ever heard of."

And state republicans are outraged democrats would make these accusations.

John McCarthy is the Kentucky Republican Chairman. He says, "Democrats have sunk to a new low. It is a sorry fact that Jody Richards and House Democrats are desperate. And the only way they believe they can win this November is an attack and play dirty politics."