International Children Sing For Students

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It was an "international treat" for children at Bowling Green Christian Academy.

Fifteen children, all from impoverished areas of India, Uganda and the Philippines, known as "Children of the World" performed for students and adults on Sept. 27.

The multi-cultural group's musical message focuses on helping the children in their homelands.

But singing songs of joy and hope is a far cry from where these children came from.

"Some were street beggars, some of the kids parents were killed in tribal warfare. Some of their parents died from preventable diseases. Some of those kids were simply abandoned," choir director Elisha Goad said.

But now, this multi-cultural group is spreading the gospel of "brotherhood" to people around the United States.

"I think they'll be able to experience what these kids go through and what these kids are able to do because of some of their life situations," 7th grader Amanda Kieffer explained.

Kieffer has visited India before and has seen first-hand how difficult life can be for a kid there, so the performance is extra special to her.

"I was really excited to hear that some kids were coming to sing and I just couldn't wait to hear what it sounded like," she said.

These miniature minstrels are also getting an education.

"We're on the road for the next nine months straight and so far they're just wide-eyed and they're looking out the window soaking in all the sites that are just so different," Goad added.

Their moves are cute and their tiny voices are strong, but these little music makers are giving the audience a little something to think about.

"These kids do a great job in what they do, motivating the hearts of the adults who are way equipped to do it," Goad said.

In addition to performing at the Academy, the singers will be hosted by local families for the night.

This will give them an opportunity to learn more about our culture before moving on.

For more information on "Children of the World," click here.

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