Judge Dismisses Assault Charges Against Autistic Boy

A family fighting for the rights of their six-year-old autistic son is breathing a sigh of relief.

On Sept. 26, a Kentucky judge dismissed all assault charges against the boy.

Nathan Darnell was charged with assaulting a teacher's aide in his Kindergarten class.

Deputies say the aide told them she received bruises on her arm and an injury to her knee.

"Try to correct the things in society and this region that caused this case, making people aware, and letting the school know that we don't hate them. It's just that they suffer from the same lack of funding and understanding that we do, and we're learning--learning how to deal with our child and love him, and they get paid to do so so we expect it," explained Tony Darnell, Nathan's father.

The local public defender asked all charges be dismissed because of the boy's age and autism.

His parents are considering taking civil action against the school.

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