Latest Beef Recall Leaves Many Consumers Concerned

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We have another food recall to pass along to you, and this time it is affecting the beef industry.

The Topps Meat Company has recalled nearly 22-million pounds of frozen beef patties after at least six people became ill in several states.

The U.S Department of Agriculture says the meat was tainted with E.coli.

This recall of the frozen beef patties hasn't extended to Kentucky, but does have many people asking, "Just what is safe to eat?"

We talked to one area restaurant about what they do to make sure the beef they serve is safe for you.

It's a regular day at Red's Restaurant., with hamburgers being cooked and served to hungry customers.

The recent recall of some beef products hasn't slowed business, but some people are concerned.

"I haven't eaten a hamburger since I heard it," admitted Harold Perkerson, a long-time customer.

Sherry Belcher, Red's assistant manager, said that in 24 years of business, the restaurant has never had any of its meat recalled.

Belcher added that they are very pro-active in checking the condition of any meat they buy from distributors.

"We ask them several questions about where they buy their meat from, who chooses their meat, and if it's fresh or frozen when they get it," Belcher explained.

Like many other restaurants, they only serve Angus beef.

Plus, they cook it at high temperatures to eliminate the threat of E.coli.

"They tell us to cook our meat over 175 degrees to make sure our meat is cooked through," Belcher assured.

They also turn down customers who request their meats cooked "rare".

While patrons are comfortable eating meat at restaurants like Red's, they're more apprehensive at the thought of buying beef at a store.

"I might be a little more concerned after hearing it on the news, especially going to the grocery store watching what I buy," added Lance Moore, also a customer at the restaurant.

"When I buy hamburger meat, I want the ones where I can see the meat in the package instead of something that's sealed. I want to see the product," he continued.

Sam's Choice "Backyard Gourmet" beef burgers have also been recalled.

To see a complete list of recalled items, click here.

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