Adventures in Kentucky: Paintball

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With the cool air returning, we see the return of another one of Brandon Lokit's favorite exploits.

On this Oct. 1 edition of "Adventures in Kentucky," we take a trip to "N-Tense Sports" in Bowling Green, into the world of paintball.

Competition paintball is much like playing army as a kid. The biggest difference is that the guns, or markers, are not sticks, but rather paint slinging air compressors.

When the trigger is pulled, compressed air is released and that compressed air launches a grape-sized ball of paint.

The essentials in paintball not only include the marker, but protective equipment as well.

The most important part of that equipment is the mask. It keeps the players eyes protected from the flying paint.

The game is simple. When you are hit, you are out. Generally, if the sting of the paintball doesn't let you know you've been hit, the paint splatter will.

But if you are still unsure if you've been hit, referee's are on hand to let you know.

There are many different games you can play during paintball, but during WBKO's trip to N-Tense sports in Bowling Green, we simply played to the last man or woman was standing.

We may have left with some paint splattered clothes, a few minor bruises and big smiles.

But one thing is for sure, N-Tense Sports in Bowling Green, Kentucky isn't a bad way to spend a Saturday.

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