Young Couple Gets Married on a Whim

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Most people spend months planning their wedding, but one local couple couldn't wait that long.

Nineteen-year-old Adam Hampton and 18-year-old Krystina Maxey were planning to get married next July.

Adam is in the Kentucky National Guard and on Oct. 1 he found out he was being sent to Iraq on Oct. 5.

So the couple decided to speed the wedding plans up a bit.

They said their vows at 6 p.m. Oct. 2.

"It's going to be more beautiful than I could have even thought or planned myself," bride Krystina Maxey assured.

This isn't how Krystina and Adam imagined their wedding day.

"We made a decision a long time ago that if he went to be deployed, we would get married before our actual date," she added.

Adam has less than a week before he leaves for Iraq.

"It's what I signed up for and to think that it wouldn't or it couldn't, that would be naive I guess," Adam said.

The two have been dating for about three years, but it only took them 24 hours to plan their dream wedding.

"I can't even begin to comprehend everything that's going on," Krystina said.

With the help of friends, family, and the community not one detail has been forgotten.

They're getting married at Covington Woods Park in Bowling Green, where Adam proposed.

"We're having a pot luck wedding, and everybody is going to bring in food and it's going to be a good time," Krystina continued.

She said it's a bittersweet day as well.

"I'm excited because of the wedding. I'm sad because he's leaving, and I'm very upset because he's leaving. I'm upset because my family can't be here," Krystina said.

Her mom will be her only family to share this special day.

"In commemoration of my grandma, we're going to have someone walk down the aisle with a pink rose and put it on her chair because she's my hero," Krystina added.

Though this is a happy beginning to a hard year a head of them, spent a part, they know this is right.

"It's going to work, it just is," Adam assured.

"We're both really supportive of each other, and that's really what's gotten me through everything," he added.

Krystina and Adam say they're very grateful for everyone's help in planning their wedding.

Several restaurants in Bowling Green donated food, and friends paid for the flowers.

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