Travelers Avoiding Ivan

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Hurricane Ivan is having an impact on south central Kentucky. It's impacting where people vacation this fall.

"Well, right now, we’re okay, but next week we don't know. We just have to watch the hurricane to see what happens. Try to steer them clear of Florida at the time." Dorris Jordan manages Bowling Green's Carlson Wagonlit Travel. She says they've been getting a lot of phone calls lately.

"Asking where else can we go? What else can we do? We try to get them something else, something away from Florida."

Jordan says there is only one reservation booked for Florida in October.

"I guess they're going to wait until time gets closer to decide to go to Disney World, or whether to cancel. But right now, they're still booked."

She says some vacationers insist only on going to Florida each year.

"They usually go. They're like no, we're not canceling. They're like that's where we're going. And they come back and usually have had a good time."

As far as other places to go this fall break, she says Cancun is popular for tropical travelers. And for those that want to stay inland..."Las Vegas, New York, Mall of America in Minneapolis, some people are wanting to go to Canada."

Jordan says Florida travel destinations, like Disney World, are offering specials to attract fall-breakers. But with all the hurricanes lately, most of her clients are not persuaded by the deals.