Mother and Aunt Face Charges Following Child Ingesting Cocaine

Police say two women endangered a toddler's life when they allowed him to ingest cocaine.

Now the little boy's mother and aunt face criminal charges.

In court on Oct. 3, Danville Police outlined what they say led to the arrests of the toddler's mother, Ashley Carrier and his aunt, Jessica Coffman.

One officer says Coffman told them the child must have ingested medicine.

"When he came home from school he noticed that the child was acting funny and that Ashley was asleep. He saw the child get the bottle of pills and a bag of cocaine. He first stated it was someone else's but then he said it was in Ashley's purse," explained Officer J.C. Courtwright, with the Danville Police.

While officers were still at the home, they received word from the hospital that the baby had tested positive for cocaine.

The women remain in the Boyle County Detention Center without any reduction in bond.

Family members say the child is with other family now and is doing fine.

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