Lebanon Man Doesn't Want Wal-Mart Built Near Home

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It's a David and Goliath story in Lebanon, Ky.

Despite being endangered by dynamite, one man is trying to stop a Wal-Mart from being built next to his home.

David McCarty is still sitting in his backyard in his lawn chair, and he says the only way he will move is if someone carries him off his own property.

"Well, I've had enough. I've been abused for four months now," McCarty said.

"The dirt and all the blasting around me, and I thought it was time to start protecting my property. I'm tired of being run over by big corporations like Wal-Mart," he added.

McCarty was out picking tomatoes in his garden when he noticed construction crews drilling holes in the ground, just feet away from his fence.

"They didn't ask me in a nice way, even the other two times," McCarty said.

He knew exactly what they were for--holes that would soon house dynamite for another blast on the site.

He says other blasts cracked his foundation and over the last months put his home in the middle of Wal-Mart's latest construction zone.

"I don't have the funds to fight Wal-Mart with, or anybody else here," he explained.

"I'm just a poor old country boy here, trying to protect my property. All my life, I've been able to pay for a place and live. This is where I aim to live out my life, right here. But it is very apparent that it will be hard for me to stay here," he added.

And as for an offer to buy his house? David says that there was one, but it wasn't a fair deal.

"They didn't make me a fair offer," McCarty said.

Lebanon Police, the construction company and Wal-Mart's attorney all went to the property on Oct. 3, but McCarty hasn't had to move just yet.

Wal-Mart is working with local authorities to resolve the situation.

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