Passenger Train Rolls Through South-Central Ky. This Weekend

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We haven't had a passenger train come through town since an Amtrak made its last stop in 1979.

As part of this weekend's L & N Historical Society's National Convention, people will have the opportunity to hop on-board again

For 120-years, people could ride a train out of Bowling Green to anywhere in America they wanted to go.

"How the railroad affected our community is really an important part of the foundation of how successful our community is today," explained Dorian Walker, with the Historic Railcar Museum.

But a passenger train hasn't come through town since 1979.

That'll change this weekend when residents can take a step back in time on three historic railcars bound for Russellville.

"These railcars came from the East Coast. They arrived in the cloak of darkness on the midnight train to Bowling Green from the North," Walker continued.

Walker is a transportation enthusiast and is one of the volunteers who has spent the past decade restoring the Historic L & N Depot.

"I have a very special place in my heart for railroad history because the railroad helped build our town and grow our town," he admitted.

The railcars include the New York Central and a railcar from the Pennsylvania Railroad.

"If you wanted to take a ride from Bowling Green to New York City, you would interchange on the Pennsylvania Railroad too, so you may have been on that car when you left Bowling Green for New York City," Walker said.

The railcars are stowed away at R.J. Corman in South Union, but this weekend, they'll bring a piece of history alive, rolling down the tracks of South-Central Kentucky.

"We want to tell the story of the rich railroad heritage our region has experienced for the past 150 years," Walker assured.

Tickets are still available for the train this weekend.

The Oct. 7 trip will include a layover at the Tobacco Festival.

If you'd like to get your ticket for the train, call L & N Depot at 270-745-7317.

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