Deadbeat Parents Affect Thousands of Ky. Homes

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It's an issue that affects thousands of Kentuckians--trying to get deadbeat parents to pay up.

So what is being done to track down these delinquent parents?

And what about the parents trying to raise their children with limited finances?

We talked to a mother who's trying to provide for her three little girls--Shawna, Shelby and Sheila.

It's been several years, but the man who fathered her kids is still dodging paying the money he owes her.

Ladonya Brown-Davis has been fighting a losing battle to get her ex, Dwayne Studyvin, to pay up for the three little girls they share.

"It's been three years since we split up and he has not paid child support but maybe a month out of the three years," Brown-Davis admitted.

"I've tried lowering child support for him, but yet he still has nothing to do with my kids and won't even consider helping me out with them," she added.

She said she's even taken Studyvin to court, but that hasn't seemed to help.

"I've been through the court the last two and a half years and they gave him chance after chance. Most of the time he'll pay a couple hundred dollars and then he'll leave and not come back," Brown-Davis explained.

Assistant County Attorney Jill Justice said the Division of Child Support monitors incompliant parents and if they haven't paid in several months, they usually end up spending time in jail.

Darrel Bragg of the County Attorney's Office said there of thousands of child support cases, and many of incompliant parents are flying under the radar.

"There are 3,054 active cases. I can't tell you how many I'm trying to locate," he said.

He added that of those, there are 280 parents that currently have to be tracked down.

Brown-Davis said everyday it gets harder not having the support of her children's father.

I've got Christmas. I've got birthdays. I've got school clothes and I'm doing it all--just me.

Last year, the Division of Child Support did collect $7.9-million from child support cases.

That's up $1.3-million from fiscal year 2005.

To learn more about child support services, click here.

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