Hometown Hero: Kate Tichenor

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Lizzi Beal is constantly inspired by Kate Tichenor’s work ethic.

"She's been to every single game, even away games--she's been our water girl," Beal, a senior at Greenwood High School, assured.

Kate Tichenor is the dedicated manager of the Greenwood High School Volleyball Team for the past three years.

"Kate has brought another dimension to the team. She is very uplifting and very spirited. She's always excited about the games. We see her in the hallways and she wants to give everybody a high-five. She'll say, 'I'm coming to the game tonight!'" Coach Holly Whittinghill explained.

“She really gives up support when we need it the most. You know, if we're down the court I can always here Kate yelling, 'Come on Lizzi, let's go!' She's always just brings us up when we're feeling down," Beal said.

Kate has become part of the team and Beal said she goes the extra mile.

"She gives everybody personal attention. She's the person that makes you put a huge smile on your face everyday," Beal continued.

While the team learns the game of volleyball, Kate teaches them some lessons in life through her own struggles.

"She's been accepted into this volleyball team and she's in classes and all of her friends really love her. She made friends in high school that nobody really expected her to," Beal added.

Coach Whittinghill said it won’t be the same without Kate.

"The girls are so excited to see her, and she’s so excited to be there. So there's going to be a hole there next year," the coach admitted.

Kate is honored to be a Hometown Hero but she's more excited about being a Greenwood Gator.

“I love being a senior and love being on the volleyball team," she assured.

Kate was also recently named Greenwood High School's Homecoming Queen.

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