Bowling Green Gets a Taste of The Big Apple

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Bowling Green is one step closer to being like the big apple. One thing New York is known for is their hot dog stands but who says that's the only place to get a great hot dog?

Rapid Rick's is Bowling Green's first New York style hot dog cart, but what's so New York about it?

"The New York Sabretts--I actually get them flown in from New Jersey. That's where they're made. That's the real hot dog of the New York City street vendor," assured Rick Malek, Rapid Rick's Jersey Dogs owner.

"It's a neat experience," one customer admitted.

The cart is authentic too.

"It's specific to New York City, including all of the metal work and stuff like that," Malek said.

He's the brains behind Rapid Rick's.

"I'm the janitor, the sole proprietor, CEO--the whole deal," Malek explained.

He's a one man operation, opening in May for the late night crowd and now during the day.

No matter what time you want a hot dog, Malek will be the one serving them.

"It's been a blast, and it beats having a real job that's for sure," he said.

His calling to the hot dog business wasn't as romantic as always wanting to be a hot dog man.

"I just woke up one day and wanted a good hot dog and couldn't get one anywhere," Malek continued.

He can't put his hot dog stand just anywhere though, it has to be behind a line.

"I have to be on private property in Bowling Green. There's no rules or regulations that allow street vending," Malek explained.

To customers, this is perfect place to eat a hot dog.

"I really like hot dogs, I just don't like cooking them at home," one customer said.
"It's always good to bring folks down to Fountain Square," another added.

Rapid Rick's is located in front of The Brewing Company in Bowling Green next to Fountain Square Park.

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