Train Rides Through Bowling Green For First Time in Decades

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It was October 7, 1979 that the last passenger train made it's way through Bowling Green. Now, just one day shy of 28 years later, a train is rolling through town again for a brief amount of time.

The train ride is being conducted to commemorate the National L & N Historic Society Convention.

"There's a very special feeling in bringing back a passenger train--a passenger service on an old L & N line," said Dorian Walker, a volunteer at the L & N Depot.

After a departure from Bowling Green, one train's arriving right on time, at the Russellville Depot. Grass has grown over the long abandoned tracks, but young and old train lovers alike, are just glad to be traveling town to town, the old fashioned way.

"People from Indiana, from Louisville, from central Kentucky, from southern Kentucky--all here to see what the glory and glamor of riding trains is all about," Walker explained.

But Russellville's just a quick pit stop, and now, the train's back on track for a return trip to Bowling Green.

For many, it's the first chance to go riding on a train. For others, it's just the only ride in a long while.

"It's been 10 years or longer since we've been on a train," admitted one passenger.

"It's been a great experience. I'm so glad I did it," added another.

And while the trip's been called a once in a lifetime experience, many are hoping for the chance to climb all aboard again.

"To be on board this train as it looks over the Kentucky landscape between Bowling Green and Russellville, it's a treat and a privilege," Walker said.

Dorian Walker added that while the only scheduled trips were for Saturday and Sunday, he does hope for more to roll through Bowling Green in the future.

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