New Building Planned Downtown

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Ten years ago, fire destroyed the CDS Pharmacy on Fountain Square. Since then, the space has been vacant. Now, an independent senior living center is meeting opposition from some working on revitalizing downtown.

Park Row Senior Apartments is a proposed 40,000 square foot, four-story building, which includes 4,300 square feet of retail space.

Sept. 3, the Historic Preservation Commission granted a preliminary nod for the project, saying it needs a final plan before granting final approval.

Some members of the Downtown Revitalization Association are concerned that a senior living center will not fit with its plans for the square. It says noise from the square will make residents uncomfortable in their own homes. Members are also concerned that the aesthetics of the building conflict with those of the buildings around it.

The developer has already changed a few details to address those concerns.

The Historic Preservation Association will see the final plans and vote on the project at its next meeting. No date is set for that meeting.