Larry the Cable Guy: Coming to WKU's Diddle Arena

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"Git R Done." "Git It Done." That's the phrase sweeping the nation and the man behind it, Larry the Cable Guy, will soon be in Bowling Green.

Donita Wimpee of Donita's Country Diner couldn't be any happier. She says, "There's about 12 of us that's going this weekend to see him. We hope he'll have some catfish with us."

The idea of seeing one of Blue-Collar Comedy's hottest comedians is also appealing to these guys.

Casey Beckner says, "He jokes about his family. He can tell some pretty wacky stuff sometimes. Like the Blue Collar TV special. I can't stand to watch that sometimes because he makes me laugh so hard I cry.

Jeff Tolson says, "He's every man. It's everyman out there. Whether we like to admit it or not."

He'll be performing Saturday at Western Kentucky University's Diddle Arena and some can't wait to see him.

Beverly Moore says, "He's hilarious; everybody likes the cable guy. He just tells it up straight and gets it done. He gets it done."