Glasgow Restaurant Closes Suddenly Leaving Employees Unpaid

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Jimmy Jones was a sift manager at Glasgow Grill and Boutique. He says, "We've been open a month and a half. Everything seemed to be going okay. We had some clientele. Full on the weekends. Everything seemed to be going okay."

But after just one and a half months things at Glasgow Grill and Boutique started to go downhill. The restaurant owner, Paul Clayton Nobles, told employees they were closing the boutique portion of the building and turning it into a private dining room.

Linda Pitman was a server at Glasgow Grill and Boutique. She says, “I really was under the impression, we all were, they were just closing the boutique down. We had no idea they were gonna walk out and leave us."

The sign in front of Glasgow Grill and Boutique is advertising Sunday's special. That's the last time any of the employees saw the owner of this business before he left town without paying them.

Jones says, "He was here and I asked him, 'I heard rumors, I need to know if they're true or not.' And he said, 'Yeah, they are absolutely true. We're done. We're closed."

Employees were asked to box up items Sunday afternoon under the premise that the carpets were being cleaned, but when they showed up that night they found Nobles loading up a U-Haul truck and leaving town. Now Nobles could face charges, not only for failing to pay the employees wages, but for passing a string of bad checks around Glasgow.

Major Jeff Morris of the Glasgow Police Department says, "If the charges turn out to be over $300 it will be a felony and he will be extradited back to Kentucky."

Barren County's Attorney, Jeff Sharp, says, "It's reprehensible. I don't like it. It's not something that I like. And if people come in and press their claims against him for the different checks, were going to see to it he's punished."

Until he is found employees are left to wonder why?

Pitman says, "I don't understand how he could walk out on these people when we've stood behind him. We gave him everything. And he seemed like a really honorable man. And he had us all fooled."

From what we know, Paul Clayton Nobles has left Kentucky. His U-Haul was tracked to Memphis, TN. He was traveling with his mother, Mary Nobles, and his partner, Ernesto Rodriguez-Nobles. The employees say Nobles withdrew taxes from the few paychecks they received and one man's child support payments were withdrawn without ever being paid.

Nobles sister and her husband live in Glasgow and they are working on getting the restaurant re-opened and giving everyone their jobs back.