Adventures in Kentucky: Trout Fishing

Are you ready to try your hand at angling one of South-Central Kentucky's rainbow or brown trout?

If so, this Oct. 15 Adventure in Kentucky is just for you.

We re-visit an earlier adventure to the Cumberland River to try and catch the big one.

Ken Glenn is a trout fishing guide on the Cumberland River, taking us on a guided trip and teaching the basics.

But before we cast our reels, we have to go over the rules.

"Rule number one is try not to hook the guide. And rule number two is try not to fall out of the boat," he explained.

Ken is a great teacher and as the trip began, the learning never stopped.

"If you feel anything, it's going to be one of two things--the bottom or a piece of wood on the bottom. It's could be a fish, but if you feel anything, you just give it a big pull back. It wont break the line, it'll slip and then you just lower your rod and crank it in slow," he added.

Ken is so skilled that during the teaching, while not even trying to catch a fish, almost immediately he pulled out a 17-inch trout.

After the excitement of the first fish, we go through a bit of a dry spell, but we still catch a few things--like sticks.

As the sun begins to drop on the horizon, the fish bite more frequently and we can't keep them out of the boat.

For the big finish, we manage an 18-inch brown trout--the biggest of the day.

If you'd like more information about Ken Glenn's trout guiding click here.

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