Memorial Service Lets Many Remember Slain Social Worker

Slain social service aide Boni Frederick is being remembered, one year after she was killed while supervising a child's home visit.

A memorial service for Frederick was held on Oct. 16 outside the Bowling Green Police Dept.

The event was organized by Warren County's Department of Community Based Services and Protection and Permanency.

Frederick had been a social worker in Union County for 15 years when she was killed on the job last year.

Her death led to the Boni Frederick Law, which improves safety for state human services workers and provides for hiring of additional staff.

"What Boni sacrificed was the ultimate sacrifice--her death has led to more safety for those of us in the field and it's important to recognize," explained social worker, Missy Perry.

Another memorial for Frederick was also held in her hometown of Morganfield.

At that service, Frederick's daughter received a copy of the Boni Frederick Law signed by Governor Fletcher.

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