Horse Cave Storm Damage

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Clean-up in Hart County is underway. Thursday's overnight storms caused damage all around the area.

At the Dart Container Corporation in Horse Cave, part of the roof could be found beside the roadside, wrapped around power lines, and street signs.

It's pretty bad... pretty bad," said Kelly Kerney, with Larry Glass Construction.

Kerney, as well as a number of other workers, spent the day cleaning up the mess from the storm.

"Picking up all the roofing, roofing nails, all the insulation and all that," says Kerney.

The DART Container Corporation wasn't the only one hit hard. On one street in Horse Cave, an uprooted tree fell into a home.

Walter Bush didn't hear his neighbor's tree fall on the home. That's because he says the storm was so loud, but what he saw following the storm came as a huge surprise.

"I saw all these trees down, power lines down, you couldn't get through the street because limbs were in the streets. It was just crazy, the power went off, it was pretty bad," said Horse Cave resident Walter Bush.

"We don't have electricity, so we're waiting for electricity to come on in our home," said Horse Cave resident Jennifer Jones.

When Jennifer Jones surveyed her home after the storm, she found a limb through her windshield. Across the street, A tree limb went through a neighbor's home.

Tree limbs are what kept Richard Keith busy. His tree service got a number of calls once the storm was over.

"They were wanting to get on the list to get a tree off their house or out of their driveway so they could get to work this morning," said Richard Keith, with Green River Tree Service.

Hart County residents say they'll now spend the next few days cleaning up the mess from the storm.

An official with the National Weather Service says teams were going to survey damage in several Kentucky counties on Friday to see if any of the damage was done by tornadoes.

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