Bowling Green Airport Studies Demand for Commercial Flights

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The Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport could be experiencing some major changes.

This week, the airport received a $150,000 federal grant from the Department of Transportation to research our area's demand for commercial flights, but what needs to happen before the plan can go through?

"There are many, many airports in the U.S. that apply for participation in this program--76 to be exact," airport manage Robert Barnett explained.

It's called the Small Community Air Service Development Program, and it's been awarded to roughly two dozen airports across the country.

Bowling Green was chosen this week.

“We're very fortunate that only two airports in Kentucky received this grant. The Bowling Green airport and the Lexington airport," Barnett added.

The grant was made possible with the support of U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell calls Bowling Green a hub for South-Central Kentucky's business and industry. The question is--is that enough to warrant commercial flights into Bowling Green?

Studies funded by the grant will find out.

"We have a committee set aside from our board that will review proposals to make a determination as to who's the best for marketing strategy studies. These studies will identify if there is a demand for this area," Barnett continued.

It's a process that is estimated to take three-to-four months, and while there's a long while to go before the study's results are revealed, Barnett says the airport is up to the possible changes.

"We have the adequate rating and we have the adequate equipment. We've been prepared for some time now to receive some type of scheduled commercial service," Barnett said.

Barnett added that if the airport secures a commercial server, the main changes to the airport will be made in security and parking.

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