Fundraiser to Bring Support to Local Businesses

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Everywhere you turn you can probably find a chain restaurant or store.

This is one reason why a concert was held Sunday in downtown Bowling Green--to help the local shop Bread & Bagel pay off some debt, but mainly to encourage people to pay more attention to local owners.

Kimberly Weiskircher and her husband have owned the shop Bread & Bagel for over three years.

It was something her husband always wanted to do.

"He grew up in a bakery. His grandfather had a bakery and it was a dream of his, and it became a dream of mine," Weiskircher said.

While the restaurant has been successful for these small business owners, there's still a lot they are trying to overcome.

"When we bought Bread & Bagel the first year, we incurred quite a bit of IRS debt. One, we weren't sure what we got into and we got into a situation where the business wasn't making money," Weiskircher added.

It's why a large number of their customers are raising awareness--to bring business back to local shops and restaurants.

"It's more friendly than a big corporation," said WKU student, Lindsey Robertson, who attended the concert.

This comes during a time when there are more options out there for chain businesses.

"I think just knowing you can help individual people when you frequent local businesses and the economy, it's important to know and remember," said Emily Spence, an employee at Bread & Bagel.

Weiskircher said getting people to know and remember a local business is much harder than it is for chain businesses.

"The local guy has to do a lot more just to get themselves out there and to present themselves to the community, whereas a chain comes in with a name already there," Weiskircher continued.

She said it's why they plan to continue raising awareness--to help other business owners like herself stay successful.

"If you buy from a chain, a lot of that money goes out to that state where that chain originates from. But when you buy locally, you're supporting your local economy. You're also supporting people who live in your city," Weiskircher assured.

Weiskircher said they hope to make Sunday's concert an annual event to bring awareness to local ownership.

She said next year they will highlight another area business to help give them a boost financially.

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