Empty Holster Protest

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Some students at Western Kentucky University are wearing empty holsters to class, as part of a national collegiate protest.

The protest is in response to the shootings at Virginia Tech back in April.

There are about 500 students who signed up online to participate.

WKU student, Nathan Hayes, plans to work with the Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed to change state laws.

Currently, people on Western's campus cannot carry a concealed weapon.

Hayes acknowledges some students don't want that to change, but he thinks there's a difference between feeling safe and being safe.

"Knowing that there are firearms on campus may make people feel less safe. I, as an individual, I know that I'm safer with a firearm and I know that if something like Virginia Tech were to happen somewhere where concealed carry is allowed--there's at least that chance," Hayes said.

The Empty Holster Protest will go through Friday, Oct. 27.

For more information on the issue of concealed carry, click here.

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