General Assembly Convenes Special Session

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Kentucky's General Assembly convened in Frankfort on Tuesday for a special session to try and address the concerns of state workers who may soon have to pay more for health insurance.

Teachers across the state are threatening to strike on October 27th if a new healthcare plan announced by Gov. Fletcher last month isn't significantly changed. The plan would raise the amount of money teachers pay out-of-pocket for healthcare, and teachers say it would cut the services they're entitled to.

Teachers are asking the state to cancel the contracts Fletcher signed with healthcare vendors for next year's plan, but lawmakers aren't sure whether they can cancel the contracts, and what kind of financial penalty that might bring.

House Speaker Jody Richards (D-Bowling Green) said Tuesday that he would like to extend the current healthcare plan for another year, and have the state add more money in so that teachers can still pay the same.

Governor Fletcher said Tuesday that this is a problem he inherited, and that he is open to alternatives, and looks forward to working with the legislature to find a solution.

The special session will cost taxpayers $50,000 a day, so lawmakers say they will try to work as quickly as possible.